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Person-Centered Care Resources

Person-Centered Care Training Video

Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care is a philosophy that changes the focus of caregiving from accomplishing tasks to emphasizing the person. As a result, the personal preferences of residents become as important as providing the services and supports they need. Person-centered care requires a shift in an organization’s values and beliefs about quality. Traditionally, high quality clinical care is seen as the pinnacle of a high quality nursing home. With person-centered care, high quality clinical care remains critically important, but quality of life is valued as equally important. We need to do both.

The PEAK 2.0 program focuses on five domains essential to person-centered care: The Foundation, Resident Choice, Staff Empowerment, Home Environment, and Meaningful Life.

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Resident Choice

Staff Empowerment

Home Environment

Meaningful Life

Education and Training

As you are working on the PEAK 2.0 criteria, you may find that there are particular areas where training is needed. For instance, you may be working on the core Sleep and want key staff members to learn more about undisturbed sleep practices. Here are a few organizations to look to for educational opportunities in person-centered care.

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Eden Alternative


Don't forget to check with your state and national associations for educational opportunities in person-centered care.

Organizational Change & Leadership

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