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Gerontology Student Ambassadors

Gerontology ambassadors are available to speak to student groups or to make presentations in courses at KSU.  To make arrangements for them to speak please email  or call 785-532-5945.

Our Purpose

Gerontology ambassadors recruit new students and promote the gerontology program by educating students on ways that a gerontology secondary major or minor will fit into almost any career path.  Ambassadors network with students and their families, faculty, alumni and business professionals and represent the gerontology program at various university events and speaking engagements. Some of these activities include the  "Majors, Minors and More" fair, developing activities for the annual Careers in Aging Week, making presentations to classes or student organizations, Open House activities and more. They also serve as a resource for current gerontology students.

How do I become an Ambassador?

Gerontology ambassadors must meet the following qualifications:

  • have declared the secondary major in gerontology
  • maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • have time available to fulfill ambassador duties
  • have an understanding of and ability to educate others about potential career options in the field of gerontology

Students who have a genuine interest in gerontology and interacting and networking with other students, faculty and professionals in the community are encouraged to apply for an ambassador position. Ambassador applications are accepted in the spring semester for service in the following academic year.

Need more information on our ambassador program?  Please contact us at gerontology@k-state.edu or 785-532-5945.

Ambassadors for 2021-2022

Anika RoyAnika Roy

Major: Nutrition, Pre-Physician Assistant
Year:  Senior

I enrolled in the Introduction to Gerontology course my freshman year and, no lie, was signed up for the secondary major program within my first week! Between music lessons, church communities, long-time friends of my parents, etc., I’m so lucky that I grew up having and loving intergenerational relationships, and so the discussion of ageism prevalence on the first day of class piqued my interest. I was and still am fascinated by how they have shaped me, and how intergenerational relationships in general affect everyone involved!

I’m a people and human connection lover, so I love the fact that aging is the one universal thing that every human of every religion, race, gender, background, etc. has in common. Aging and “getting old” is frowned upon and feared in our society too often, so I want to play even a small role in changing others' mindset to view aging as inevitable and beautiful— exactly what it is!

I’m studying now to become a Physician Assistant and, with the incredible projected increase in the older adult population, I want to be the most understanding and well-equipped healthcare worker I can be. Additionally, my healthcare passion lies in preventative care, so learning more in depth about the aging process and how lifestyle choices can affect it is providing me with knowledge I know I’ll be able to apply in the future.

Andrea Anderson

Major:  Kinesiology, Pre-Occupational Therapy
Year: Senior

I became interested in Gerontology when I started volunteering at Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community. While volunteering there, I realized how fun and rewarding it is working alongside the older adult population. I am passionate about sharing Gerontology with others because we are all aging! It has been the best experience taking Gerontology classes and not only learning about the older adult population today but also learning about how I am aging as well! I believe that everybody can benefit from taking a Gerontology class and increasing their knowledge on the general topic of aging!

I hope to use my Gerontology major to go into a professional career in Occupational Therapy with a focus on assisting the older adult population with getting back to performing their activities of daily living. I hope that through this opportunity I can increase others' interest in something that everyone will experience, getting older!

Bryce Brown

Major:  Life Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
Year: Senior

My interest in Gerontology was sparked throughout my childhood as I was raised around many friends and family members in their 50’s, 60’s and older, because I loved the stories that came from older generations. I happened to take Intro to Gerontology with Katie Sigman, and she really sparked a love of Gerontology as a course of education.

I am passionate about sharing Gerontology with others because aging is something inevitable and constant, and something that should not be feared or stigmatized. There is so much to learn from the older generations of our world, and so many ways we can improve the lives of everyone as we grow old. Growing old does not mean sacrificing yourself, and I think some of the fear can be soothed through education, volunteering, and a willingness to change our collective outlooks on aging as a society.

It is my hope to utilize my education in Gerontology to make changes in policies, and work to help changes happen to increase the quality of life for everyone currently in the older adult population, and all of those who will inevitably enter it one day.

Emily Farthing

Major: Kinesiology, Pre-Occupational Therapy
Year: Sophomore

This past summer I had the privilege of working as a CNA in a home for people with Dementia. Although demanding, this job helped me make so many connections with my residents. I got to see past their diagnosis and dive into their stories and life experiences. I knew that I wanted to learn more about the aging population after this role!

I was unaware of my love for this field prior to my experiences. I wish I had more knowledge on this area before. I know there are others out there who can find their calling in Gerontology, they just don’t know it yet. I want to find those people!

I am Pre-Occupational Therapy, so the end goal is OT school! I am so excited for this journey! My main goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Riley Nelson

Major: Athletic Training, Pre-Physical Therapy

After taking the Intro to Gerontology course, I really became interested in Gerontology because everyone gets old! It's something we should all care about!

The study of aging needs more recognition because we are all aging and it is something that many people do not know about, so bringing that education to others is important to me.  I am hoping to own and operate my own physical therapy clinic to serve all populations in the rehabilitation process and having this minor will help me by understanding the aging body more.