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Center on Aging
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Gerontology Student Ambassadors

Our Purpose

Gerontology ambassadors recruit new students and promote the gerontology program by educating students on ways that a gerontology secondary major will fit into almost any career path.  Ambassadors network with students and their families, faculty, alumni and business professionals and represent the gerontology program at various university events and speaking engagements. Some of these activities include the  "Majors, Minors and More" fair, developing activities for the annual Careers in Aging Week, making presentations to classes or student organizations, Open House activities and more. They also serve as a resource for current gerontology students.

How do I become an Ambassador?

Gerontology ambassadors must meet the following qualifications:

  • have declared the secondary major in gerontology
  • maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • have time available to fulfill ambassador duties
  • have an understanding of and ability to educate others about potential career options in the field of gerontology

Students who have a genuine interest in gerontology and interacting and networking with other students, faculty and professionals in the community are encouraged to apply for an ambassador position. Ambassador applications are accepted in March and notified about selection in April for the following academic year.

Need more information on our ambassador program?  Please contact us at gerontology@k-state.edu or 785-532-5945. 

Ambassadors for 2019-2020

Taylor CapkoTaylor Capko

Major: Kinesiology, Long Term Care Administration
Year: Senior

Coming to K-State, I didn’t even know Gerontology was a thing! The study of aging piqued my interest & after taking the Intro to Gerontology class I fell in love. Everyone grows older & there are so many negative stereotypes, preconceived ideas on what that looks like.

My passion for working with older adults stems primarily from my grandmother & secondarily from my mother working in a nursing home when I was young. I would tag along with her and spend time with older adults. I would walk, talk with them, fold towels, play games & in general be exposed to older adults in a positive light that wasn’t all death and dying.

As an ambassador, I hope to show others the value of this field and how everyone, no matter the career choice, will work with older adults! I hope to spark a curiosity in others about this field, the varied career choices & what they stand to gain by making Gerontology a secondary major.

Kendal JanousekKendal Janousek

Major: Social Work
Year: Senior

My interest in the older adult population began with my first gerontology course. What started out as an elective turned into a career change. Previous to this course, I did not realize how similar gerontology was to my major. From the first course, I was amazed with how misunderstood and underrepresented the older adult population was. I knew that with my major, I would have the opportunity to create change by education, advocacy, and representation through the gerontology courses at K-State.

I am excited to become a gerontology ambassador in the hope to spread the gerontology opportunities K-State has to offer to students with any major. I am also excited to grow and get connected with others in the community and share what I have learned with them. Gerontology is truly an amazing field to learn more about and I hope to share my passion with others!

Samantha GibsonSamantha Gibson

Major: Social Work
Year:  Sophomore

My passion for working with the aging population and their families really blossomed during my employment at an assisted living facility in Montana. I was initially unsure of what to expect from working with this demographic, as I held many of the stereotypical beliefs about aging that currently plague our society. These stereotypes were quickly shattered, and I discovered that working with older adults would have a profound and everlasting effect on my life.

Being a transfer student from the University of Montana, I was ecstatic to find out about both the Gerontology secondary major and the Center on Aging. The passion I previously experienced at work has rapidly spilled over into my academic pursuits, and I’m excited to connect with other students through Gerontology. I hope to help others discover that Gerontology can not only augment their existing major and future career, but also completely change their outlook on life!

Hannah RichardsonHannah Richardson

Major:  Interior Design
Year:   Sophomore

I remember first learning about Gerontology in my design environments and behaviors course required for my major. I was interested and enjoyed the thought of being able to design for a demographic often looked over or given up on in today’s society. After expressing my interest, I was able to take the Intro to Gerontology course where I realized how passionate I felt for the aging population. I feel the Gerontology secondary major alongside interior design is the perfect niche for me to create environments that create a higher standard of living for older adults.

I’m excited for the opportunity to be a Gerontology ambassador in order to expand my knowledge and experience further to help break the negative connotation that is often associated with aging. Many students don’t even realize what Gerontology is or that it is a study they can pursue; therefore, I believe educating students and the general public is the best way to advocate for and really change the way society thinks about aging.

Izzy RodrequezIzzy Rodrequez

Major: Kinesiology, pre-Physical Therapy
Year:  Sophomore

I became interested in Gerontology my senior year of high school. I was shadowing my previous physical therapist and realized how many elderly patients he received throughout the day. I would have conversations with them during their sessions and created strong connections to many of the patients. Once I began attending Kansas State, I realized we had an Introduction to Gerontology course and was instantly interested in learning more about the secondary major. I took the introduction course and halfway through the semester, I declared my secondary major in gerontology.

I am looking forward to being a gerontology ambassador in 2019-2020. I hope to educate more students about what gerontology is, the importance of it, and how the major can change one’s perspective on aging. There are many negative stereotypes regarding aging, and it is my goal to show people all of the positive aspects of aging and gain a better understanding of gerontology as a whole.

Gerontology ambassadors are available to speak to student groups or to make presentations in courses at KSU.  To make arrangements for them to speak please email  or call 785-532-5945.