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Student Supports in CSD

Kansas State University administers an extensive financial aid program. Detailed information concerning financial aid is available upon request from the Office of Student Financial Assistance or students may apply online.

The program also administers three Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) and part-time research assistantships (the number varies related to funding opportunities).

  • CSD graduate students are competitive for GTA and GA positions through other campus programs and departments such as the Student Access Center, Center on Aging and Early Childhood Laboratories.
  • Students interested in a graduate assistantship also should complete relevant documentation as part of the graduate application process.

It is important for graduate students to have access to multiple types of resources. The Graduate School also offers a comprehensive section on "Graduate Student Life," which includes resources for student success (e.g., writing workshops) and achieving work-life balance (e.g., health and wellness) as examples. 

Clinic director interacting with students
Faculty and students interacting