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Complete Alphabetical List of CSD Faculty and Staff

Garcia, Jane MertzProfessor, Asha Fellowjgarcia@k-state.edu
Garcia, RobertClinical Associate Professor/Program Directorrgarcia@k-state.edu
Hilgers, MelanieClinical Associate Professormhilgers@k-state.edu
Hoag, LindaProfessor, Emeritilhoag@k-state.edu
Johnson, EmilyClinical Assistant Professorekjohnson@k-state.edu
Oetken, JeridyClinical Assistant Professorjeridy@k-state.edu
Pelczarski, KristinAssociate Professorkpelczar@k-state.edu
Wolfe, BeckyOffice Specialist IIIbeckyw@k-state.edu


Our offices are located at the K-State Speech and Hearing Center inside the Campus Creek Complex:

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