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Family and Consumer Sciences Education Licensure Programs

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The Family and Consumer Sciences Education program at Kansas State is for students who plan to teach family and consumer sciences at the middle, junior high, senior high, or postsecondary levels. Family and consumer sciences education directly addresses the needs of individuals and families related to nurturing relationships, parenting education, healthy lifestyles and resource management.

Family and consumer sciences education programs focus on parenting education, consumer practices, healthy lifestyle choices, nutrition and food decisions, food science, human relations skills, personal development, textiles and apparel choices, balancing family and work, and general employable skills. These programs emphasize management and problem-solving skills needed to be a responsible and productive individual, family member and worker.

Kansas State University's family and consumer sciences education licensure programs include general education courses, subject matter courses as well as courses in teaching methods, curriculum development and educational psychology.

Degree Programs

Do you want to teach Family and Consumer Sciences? There are several routes you can take to become a licensed educator:

  1. Do you have a high school diploma or community college credits and want to become a family and consumer sciences teacher? Join us here at K-State! See the undergraduate program with teacher licensure or, for a quick overview, see the program guide for Family & Consumer Sciences Education (pdf)
  2. Do you have a bachelor's degree and want to become licensed to teach FCSEd in Kansas? View information on the licensure program in Family and Consumer Science.
  3. Do you have a bachelor's degree and want to get a master's degree with licensure in FCS? Check out the master's degree with licensure program.
  4. Are you a certified FCSEd teacher but want a master's degree? Read about the master's degree program for licensed teachers (pdf).


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