Current Students

Doctoral Students

Shelby Astle

Shelby Astle

B.S. Family Life, Brigham Young University

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Professional Interests: Human sexuality, parenting, family life education, emerging adulthood

Temporary Advisors: Dr. Michelle Toews and Dr. Kristin Anders

Personal Interests: Corgis, minimalism, intentional living, swimming, travel

"K-State is one of those amazing places where research comes to life to make a real difference in real families."

Renee Wilkins-Clark

Renee Wilkins-Clark

M.S. Family Studies and Human Services with Specialization in Applied Family Science, Kansas State University
B.S. Family Studies and Human Services, Kansas State University

Hometown: Brownsville, Tennessee

Professional Interests: sibling relationships in the context of adverse childhood experiences and periods of transition, relationships and communication, and sibling relationships during adolescence and young adulthood

Major Professor: Dr. Anthony Ferraro

Personal Interests: creative planning, playing board games, reading, and learning random facts

"The experience that you gain at Kansas State University is like no other. The concept of family is not something that is simply stated, but actively demonstrated."

Corrie Wright

Corrie Wright

M.S. Family Studies and Human Services, Kansas State University
B.S. Human Services, Washburn University

Hometown: Topeka, Kansas

Professional Interests: Homelessness, Effects of Poverty on Families, Mental Illness in Adults, Housing First

Temporary Advisor: Dr. Elaine Johannes

Personal Interests: Hunting, fishing, camping, playing with my dogs (and kids!)

"I have found the students and staff at K-State to be extremely friendly and helpful. I get great support from faculty and love K-State Football."

Zijun Wu Picture

Zijun Wu

B.S. Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University
M.S., Meterology, Lanzhou University

Hometown: Lanzhou, China

Professional Interests: development and changes in sibling relationships across the lifespan, gender differences in sibling relationships, and family/child screen time

Major Professor: Dr. Mindy Markham

Personal Interests: Reading, watching movies, playing piano, and being together with family, friends, and pets.

"It is a pleasure to study with the wonderful faculty in the Applied Family Science program at Kansas State University. Although I am far from home, I truly believe the time I spend at K-State will be meaningful to my life and future goals."

Master's Students

Rebecca Blodgett

Rebecca Blodgett

B.S. Child Development and Family Relations, University of Maine

Hometown: Parkman, ME

Professional Interests: Universal social welfare, food security, wellbeing across cultures, social policies for livable communities

Temporary Advisor: Dr. Bradford Wiles

"I love the applied nature and flexibility of the program, and I wanted to live somewhere I'd never been before."

Adelaide Klutse

Adelaide Klutse

B.S.C. Family and Child Studies, University of Ghana, Legon

Hometown: Dzelukope, Volta Region, Ghana

Professional Interests: early childhood development, special education parenting, vulnerable family outcomes, and inclusion education and Extension

Major Professor: Dr. Bradford Wiles

Lati Yeargin

Lati Yeargin

B.S. Crime and Delinquency Studies, Emporia State University

Hometown: Topeka, Kansas

Professional Interests: military families and First Generation college students

Temporary Advisors: Dr. Anthony Ferraro and Dr. Elaine Johannes

"I chose K-State to be closer to home again. I was losing hope in finding the right Master's Program for me, so when I found Applied Family Science it sounded perfect and something I was highly interested in."