Application Information

Admission Criteria

The unit faculty in its review of your application takes into consideration your undergraduate grade point average (especially during the last two years of study), whether your undergraduate institution is accredited, the extent to which our programs match your academic objectives, and your potential for graduate study as reflected by your transcripts and your letters of recommendation. In general, your grade point average must be 3.0 ("B") or better, although in exceptional cases we may consider recommending probational admission if your grade point average is at least 2.5 (C+).

Admission is not contingent upon having a specific type of undergraduate degree (many of our graduate students come from areas outside family studies and human services). Academic background in the behavioral social sciences is desired; without it, you may be admitted provisionally until you have completed courses selected by the unit committee to demonstrate your competence in the area.

A statistics course is required as a prerequisite to our programs. (Please see requirement listing of each program for possible other prerequisites specific to each program.) You may complete any deficiencies in coursework during your first semester at Kansas State University. It will be helpful to you to have additional previous coursework in research methods, and the basic social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology) but these are not required for admission.

ECE Graduate Application Procedures

Apply for graduate admission in ECE on the Graduate School website.

A complete application requires:

  • The Graduate School application
  • Graduate School application fee (as stated on the Graduate School website)
  • Transcript(s) from each college or university which you have attended
  • Statement of objectives: why you are interested in graduate study in our school; how it can fit in with your previous education/expereince and/or your future career plans; as well as what you hope to achieve while a graduate student
  • Three letters of recommendation from former/current instructors, employers, or other professionals in a position to evaluate your potential for graduate study

International applicants must, in addition to the required materials previously listed, submit the following:

  • TOEFL Score: A TOEFL of at least 600 (paper test), 250 (computer-based test), or 100 (internet-based test) is required
  • Affidavit of Financial Support and supporting documentation (as stated on the Graduate School website)

Application Deadlines

There is no application deadline for domestic applicants.

The application deadlines for international applicants are as follows:

  • January 1 for Fall admission
  • August 1 for Spring admission
  • December 1 for Summer admission

Once you have completed the application process, the faculty of the unit to which you are applying will review your credentials. Upon approval by the Department of Applied Human Sciences, your file will be forwarded for final approval to the Graduate School, which checks the completeness of your application, official transcripts, and verifies that you have or will soon have a valid degree from an accredited institution. If approved, the Graduate School will send you a formal letter of acceptance with admissions details.

After Your Admission

You will be assigned a temporary advisor who will help you select your first courses and assist you in enrollment. This faculty member may or may not become your major professor when you set up your supervisory committee. Please feel free to contact your temporary advisor prior to arriving on campus regarding any questions you may have about Manhattan, being a graduate student, or about our program. If you are not sure who has been assigned as your temporary advisor, please contact Mary DeLuccie.