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Applied Human Sciences
Kansas State University
301 Justin Hall
1324 Lovers Lane
Manhattan, KS 66506-1403


Master's Degree Program

The life span human development M.S. specialization is concerned with the growth and development of the individual, the varying contexts of human development and the processes underlying development throughout the life cycle. The continuous and systematic changes in the behavior of individuals, and the processes underlying these developmental changes across the life span, are of primary interest. Consideration is given to the ways in which varying and changing ecological contexts, both large and small, influence human development. In the Department of Applied Human Sciences, we are particularly interested in the influences of family context and family relations on the course of development. Further, consistent with the orientations and goals of our applied perspective, this specialization is concerned with identifying factors which may foster and enhance development and optimize growth over the life span. Overall, the life span human development specialization provides students with opportunities to study developmental processes and transitions from conception to death, the many factors influencing the course and direction of development, and implications of these for research, applied programs and social policy.


A minimum of 36 hours of graduate course work is required.

Required Core Courses (21 credit hours)

  • Human Development
    • LSHD 810 Child Development (3)
    • LSHD 815 Infant Behavior & Development (3)
    • LSHD 820 Theories of Human Development (3)
    • LSHD 822 Transitions to Adulthood (3)
    • LSHD 845 Adult Development and Aging (3)
  • Research Methodology
    • FSHS 888 Research Methods in Family Studies and Human Services I (3)
    • STAT 703 Introduction to Statistical Methods for the Sciences (3)
    • STAT 705 Regression and Analysis of Variance (3)
      SOCIO 825 Quantitative Methods (3)

Context and Processes (7-13 credit hours)

Select from the following:

  • FSHS 700 Problems in Family Studies and Human Services (Var.)
  • FSHS 708 Topics in Family Studies and Human Services (2-3)
  • FSHS 713 Adolescents & Their Families: Implications for Youth Professionals (3)
  • FSHS 723 Practicum in Youth Development (1-3)
  • FSHS 824 Parent-Child Interaction: Theory and Research (3)
  • FSHS 850 Family Studies (3)
  • FSHS 852 Contemporary Families Theories (3)
  • FSHS 865 Human Sexuality (3)
  • ECED 884 Practicum in Parent Education (Var.)
  • FSHS 890 Research Methods in Family Studies and Human Services II (3)
  • LSHD 892 Practicum in Human Development Research (Var.)
  • FSHS 893 Program Evaluation in Human Services (3)
  • PSYCH 620 Psychology of Personality (3)
  • PSYCH 650 Psychology of Language (3)
  • PSYCH 953 Seminar in Personality (1-3)
  • SOCIO 544 Social Gerontology (3)
  • SOCIO 944 Seminar in the Sociology of Aging (3)
  • or other supportive courses

End-of-Program Requirements

  • Thesis: an empirical research project (6-8 hours of M.S. Research) or Report (2 hours of M.S. Research) or Manuscript or journal article of acceptable quality
  • Oral examination: focused on the thesis, report or manuscript

Contact Information

Students interested in this option with questions about program requirements or curriculum should contact:

Elaine Johannes
Human Development and Family Science
Department of Applied Human Sciences
318 Justin Hall
1324 Lovers Lane
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506