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Youth Development Professional
Graduate Certificate

The objective of the youth development professional certificate program is to train graduates to understand and apply conceptual approaches to youth development, to display an understanding of the development and impact of local, regional, state, federal and global policies on youth as well as to recognize the impact of family and cultural influences on positive youth outcomes. In this certificate, students will focus on working with youth in service organizations and will focus their elective courses on youth counseling skills and building helping relationships.

The certificate requires 12 credit hours chosen from a list of approved courses in addition to a one-hour foundations course.

This program is a collaborative, multi-institution effort with course work delivered via the Internet/World Wide Web. Faculty from Kansas State University, Michigan State University, University of Missouri, University of Nebraska and North Dakota State University share knowledge and expertise in youth development. All institutions are members of the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance and have a history of success in distance education.

Program Requirements

The certificate program offered through Kansas State University is a graduate certificate program; students must apply for Graduate School admission. The certificate requires twelve credit hours plus a one hour fundamentals course. The fundamentals course must be taken only once.

  • FSHS 711 - Foundations of Youth Development (1)

Choose four of the following five courses (12):

  • FSHS 712 - Community Youth Development (3)
  • FSHS 713 - Adolescents & Their Families: Implications for Youth Professionals (3)
  • FSHS 717 - Youth Policy (3)
  • FSHS 720 - Youth Development (3)
  • FSHS 722 - Youth and Cultural Contexts (3)

Contact Information

Students interested in this option with questions about program requirements or curriculum should contact:

Elaine Johannes
Human Development and Family Science
Department of Applied Human Sciences
318 Justin Hall
1324 Lovers Ln.
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506