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Publications from and Resources Relating to Child Development in Collaboration with the ARCHER lab

Disasters and Recovery

English - Disasters: Children’s Responses and Helping Them Recover

Spanish - Desastres: Las Respuestas de los Niños y Ayudándoles a Recuperarse

Talk, Read, Play



Developmental Milestones

Developmental Milestones: The First Year

Developmental Milestones: The Second Year

Developmental Milestones: The Third Year

Developmental Milestones: The Fourth Year

Developmental Milestones: The Fifth Year

The New Screen Time

The New Screen Time: Beyond Television and Into the Future

Spanish - El Nuevo Tiempo en Pantalla: Más Allá de la Televisión y Hacia el Futuro

Choosing Child Care

Choosing Care for Your Children: Child Care Homes

Choosing Care for Your Children: Child Care Centers

Essential Living Skills

Safe Practices for Your Infant

Understanding Your Child’s Development

Building Baby’s Brain

The Basics

Prime Times for Learning

What Parents Can Do

What Child Care Can Do

Learning Language

The Role of Music

Is Breast Milk Best?

What to Eat When You're Expecting 

Nurturing Positive Relationships

The Importance of Play

Creating Consistency

Buffering the Brain from Toxic Stress

Emergent Literacy

Emergent Literacy: Helping Young Children's Development Through Reading 

Family Dance

Family Dance! Dance as a Healthy and Fun Family Activity