Kaitlin Chichester '15

Kaitlin Chichester '15

In 2021, Kaitlin Chichester co-founded Flowspace Design, a boutique cannabis facility design consultancy. At Flowspace Design, she guides hopeful cannabis operators in new and existing legal markets as they plan their proposed facilities and apply for highly competitive cannabis business licensure.

Prior to her career in cannabis, she was an interior designer at ACI Boland Architects in Kansas City, MO where a majority of her work was in health care and education.

In 2017, Chichester was asked to join Medicine Man Technologies, or MMT, a nationally recognized, turn-key cannabis consulting firm in Denver, CO. As the first facility designer to join the company, she developed its menu of facility design services, working closely with several subject matter experts to create facility design methods based on cannabis regulatory compliance, best practices and standard operational procedures. While at MMT, she designed over 13 million sq. ft. of cultivation, processing and dispensary facilities in 20 emerging markets, including Canada and Germany.

Chichester and her future business partner, Amanda, were laid off during the height of the pandemic in 2020 which ultimately led to them co-founding Flowspace Design, proving that our darkest moments are often when we grow the most. Pun intended! 

Chichester received her Bachelor of Science in interior design from K-State in 2015.