Samuel Wilcox, MD '11, '14

Samuel Wilcox, MD '11, '14

A middle-child born of two purple-blooded teachers, Sam Wilcox grew up in northeast Kansas. He spent 8 years at K-State studying philosophy and biology, teaching anatomy, researching kinesiology, developing lifelong friendships, and meeting his future wife.

He then went to medical school in Wichita and on to Washington state for residency in Family Medicine. He arguably learned more about family than medicine as he and his wife welcomed their son, Sutton. Upon graduating, Wilcox, his wife and their new son moved back to Kansas to be closer to family.

He currently practices family and obesity medicine through the Saint Luke's Health System in Iola, Kansas. He and his wife will welcome their second child, a daughter, in March of 2024.

Wilcox received a bachelor's degree in philosophy and a bachelor's degree in biology in 2011. He earned his master's degree in kinesiology in 2014.