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Taylor Grossenkemper

encompasTaylor Stucky
Project Lead

After graduating from K-State’s Interior Design program in 2001, Taylor moved to Wichita and joined the design team of Gossen Livingston (now GLMV), moving on after several years to work as a designer at Treanor Architects in Lawrence.  While at Treanor she worked on a variety of project types, including corporate and residential, as well as a significant amount of time with the Historical Preservation team working on the Capitol Building renovation in Topeka, Kansas.  In 2008, an opportunity arose for her at Kansas City firm BNIM Architects, where she focused solely on one large corporate project, building great relationships with the client and her team members along the way. 

In 2010, Taylor joined encompas, a Kansas City-based Haworth furniture dealership.  Her role as Project Lead there allows her to implement her passion for collaborating with architects and designers on their projects to create beautiful, innovative, and functional workspaces. She loves continuing to be involved in the design side of projects, but on a much more focused level.  Taylor believes that the right furniture has an immense impact on a company’s culture, productivity, and image and is excited to be a part of finding the right solutions for her clients.

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