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Roger Reed

Standard Sheet Metalreedroger
Director of Marketing

Having worked in the Architectural & Design profession prior to moving to the construction side of the business, Reed has been an aggressive champion of the abilities architects and designers. His project management experience and knowledge of design brings a wide array of ideas, creativity and practical application to this community, allowing designers to realize their vision behind each project.

His capacity to listen to design professionals and understand their intent plus its relationship to their client’s desires, the project’s needs and then communicate his company’s capabilities was been extremely effective in positioning his employers as industry leaders within their fields.

Combined, these abilities has provided him with the opportunity to meet with many members of the profession, working on all project types. Traveling from Los Angeles to New York and, the many points in between, Reed has been able to develop a keen understanding of many aspects of the design
profession. The projects he has been involved in have been some of the most complex architectural achievements in construction today with many making the covers of various trade journals, architectural magazines and the pages of the New York Times.

His project list includes: The first of the new Apple Flagship Stores in Soho, Chicago and Los Angeles, the de Young Museum of San Francisco, Morimoto NYC, Diesel’s flagship store in Chicago, The Dream Hotel, 200 11th Street Condos, Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art, BOK Arena in Tulsa, the Irving Convention Center and the Slo Stairs at Juilliard School among others.

Speaking to design students at various college campuses across the country, he has been actively communicating with future members of the profession. Locally, as a representative at the Young Architects Forum lecture series, Reed has gotten to know many of the newer members of area’s design and artistic community.

He is a founding member of the Cliff Drive Corridor Management Committee [creating one of the first designated scenic urban byways] and Kansas State University’s Interior Design Alumni Advisory Board. As a founding member of the Architectural Legacy Lecture Series and as a member of the KCAIA Tours Committee, Reed is involved in preserving the history of the region’s rich architectural legacy - thus enriching our understanding of the role that architects play in shaping the community.

As a sponsor of the Kansas City Chapter of the Building Enclosure Council, Reed works with architects and engineers to further the understanding of the building envelope and rain screen systems in particular.

Reed actively participates in his local AIA chapter as a volunteer, tour guide and sponsor of various events in his continued effort to fuel his passion. Being a student of architecture, design, construction and his community nearly his entire life, Reed has continually fed his passion for the built environment. He and his wife Cindy are currently restoring a 110+ year old house in the shadow of down town Kansas City.

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