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Activity Insight

Activity Insight, or AI, is an electronic database that can keep track of faculty accomplishments including extension, teaching, research, engagement and service activities. The purpose of Activity Insight is to record the activity and accomplishments of the faculty and graduate students with an appointment of .5 and greater in the College of Human Ecology (CHE Strategic Plan Vision 1-B).

AI has over 350 clients including University of Kansas, University of Kansas Medical Center, Pittsburg State University, Fort Hays State University, and Kansas State University (College of Business and College of Human Ecology)  – in Kansas alone. This database collection system empowers colleges and universities to organize and leverage faculty accomplishments and information more effectively.

AI is a database designed for faculty, under the direction of faculty across the country and the goal is for faculty users to “Enter once, use indefinitely.” Instructions are provided on the screen.

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The purpose of AI is to record the activity and accomplishments of the faculty in the College of Human Ecology (CHE Strategic Plan Vision 1-B) See the document (pdf)

Faculty will be able to

Create a monthly report with a standard template (No more manual reporting!)
Create an annual accomplishments report for annual evaluation
Create a full CV (if all professional accomplishments are entered)
Create an NIH and NSF biosketch in the recognized standardized format
Create customized reports on grants, contracts, intellectual contributions, professional development and more.

Department heads/School director and the associate dean for academic affairs may create group aggregated reports in response to inquiries of progress on the strategic plan.

This system replaces your monthly report. By entering your information in Activity Insight, a report can be generated on your behalf.

Target Goals

Feb – March: Information sessions on Activity Insight for faculty (see schedule online) Faculty enter General information as well as activities and accomplishments from March 2017.

April 6: March 2017 monthly report will be run in Activity Insight by departments/school

May 8: April 2017 monthly report will be run in Activity Insight by departments/school

May 12: 5 years of accomplishments entered in Activity Insight

June 7: May 2017 monthly report will be run in Activity Insight by departments/school

July 6: June 2017 report will be run in Activity Insight by departments/school


All data is backed up and secure on servers provided by Digital Measures. To learn more, see: www.digitalmeasures.com/activity-insight/features/serious-security.html

Activities and Accomplishments

Click on the link below to see a map of the categories and information that may be entered in the system. The faculty member (or their designee) will enter most of their information. However, some information will be uploaded on behalf of the faculty member including course information in the For-credit courses screen (information from Registrar’s office) as well as contracts, fellowships, grants and sponsored research in the Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research screen (information from Vice President for Research). (Of course, faculty may enter this information by hand if preferred.)

If a designee is entering information, we strongly suggest that faculty review the entries for accuracy.

Many publications can be directly imported in Bibtex file (rather than manual entry) www.digitalmeasures.com/activity-insight/docs/directdataimports/


  • High-Impact Educational Practices (pdf)
  • Policy on Activity Insight reporting system (pdf)
  • CHE Implentation

    Phase one: database configuration (September – October 2016)

    • Assemble a steering committee, consisting of department heads, associate deans, technology and communication staff and administrative assistants.
    • Develop information input screens consistent with strategic plans and able to produce monthly reports and annual evaluations.
    • Visit with other AI users and train a college administrator.
    • Build an infrastructure for ease of data uploading/entry.

    Phase two: faculty piloting (November – December 2016)

    • Conduct information sessions for pilot faculty about data collection.
    • Develop documentation for entering data and website for sign on and FAQs.
    • Continue building database infrastructure.
    • Plan training sessions for faculty, GRAs and GTAs.

    Phase three: collegewide implementation (January – March 2017)

    • Implement weekly training sessions for faculty, GRAs, GTAs and GAs.
    • Refine documentation for information entry.
    • Configure and test monthly report, annual evaluation report and CV functions.

AI Screens Organizational Chart (pdf)Six Basic Steps to Entering Activities & Accomplishments (pdf)Six Basic Steps to Creating Reports (pdf)

Information Sessions for Faculty and Graduate Assistants will be scheduled for the fall.

Frequently Asked Questions


Your questions and ideas are welcome!

Please check with the administrative assistant (or designee) in your department/school for assistance using Activity Insight. You may also contact Bronwyn Fees, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at fees@ksu.edu or 532-1421 or stop by Justin 119.