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I have been in academics a long time. How much activity data do I enter in Activity Insight?

A:  Faculty are to enter their last five years of information and accomplishments. However, we strongly encourage each of our faculty to enter all of their data in the system in order for the system to prepare a full CV for you.

How do I save my work?

A:  The “save” button is on the top-right of your screen. Save your work frequently.

What does the question mark in black circle on some of the screens mean?

A:  The question mark in black circle provides information and answers to your questions. Please click on them for help.

Where and how can I access Activity Insight screens for adding or editing purposes?

A:  You can access Activity Insight 24/7 from any computer using your K-State single sign-on (Shibboleth) information.

How do I make sure my information in activity insight is current and complete?

A:  Enter your accomplishments after you receive notice. This will keep your information up-to-date and complete. You may edit anytime. Enter once, use indefinitely.

Some of the screens in Activity Insight do not apply to my current or past activities. In these cases, how do I respond with data for those screens?

A:  Because appointments vary greatly, you may not have activities for each and every page. Leave screen information blank if you have nothing to share at this time.

Can I upload publications?

A:  You can upload your publications using PubMed or BibTex files.
For more:  www.digitalmeasures.com/activity-insight/docs/bibtex.html

How do I know if my activities are related to engagement?

A:  We have included the definition of “Engagement” in relevant windows for your use to determine if your activity is engagement. (Click on Directed Service, Engagement and Extension for this definition.) Data identified as “engagement” may be aggredated every two years so that you may complete the National Engagement Benchmarking Survey.

What if I need an NIH or NSF biosketch?

A:  Activity Insight will create NIH and NSF biosketch documents in their proper form when using the NIH or NSF screens.

How did the courses I taught appear in Activity Insight?

 A:  Your courses will be uploaded for you in your For-Credit screen at the end of each semester. However, you may add courses and course information. Please check the upload to confirm it is accurate. 

How did my grants, fellowships, contracts and other funding appear in my profile?

A:  Internal and externally awarded funding are uploaded from data provided by the VP for Research into your Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research screen each semester. Please check to ensure its accuracy.  

Do I have to enter all of my activity data myself, or may I have a third party help me with data entry?

A:  You may have another person enter data on your behalf. Do not share your eID and password. Rather, please contact Bronwyn Fees to assist you in adding your assistant to the system so that they may work on your behalf.

I have publications to enter for which I do not remember the publication date that is required in the entry of publications. What should I do?

A:  For publications 2017 and thereafter, enter the complete month, day and year. For publications before 2017, enter the estimated month, day and year of publication if the actual publication dates are unknown.