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Sample Program of Study

CourseCourse NameCredit Hours
FNDH 810Advanced Macronutrient Metabolism5
HFNDH 812Advanced Micronutrient Metabolism3
FNDH 820Functional Foods for Chronic Disease Prevention3
FNDH 880Graduate Seminar in Human Nutrition1
FNDH 880Graduate Seminar in Human Nutrition1
FNDH 911Advanced Nutrition Topics - Satiety1
FNDH 911Advanced Nutrition Topics - Diet & Cancer1
FNDH 995Grant Writing & Publication3
STAT 720Design of Experiments3
BIOCH 755Biochemistry I3
BIOCH 765Biochemistry II3
EDCI 943Principles of College Teaching3
ANSCI 861Analytical Techniques: Mineral Analysis1
ANSCI 862Analytical Techniques: Carbohydrate and Lipid Analyses1
FNDH 999Doctoral Research30
Total 62

*Assumes STAT 705 or equivalent completed before beginning Ph.D.