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Core Requirements

Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health Core

CourseCourse NameCredit Hours
STAT 705Regression and Analysis of Variance 3
STAT 720Design of Experiments3
FNDH 880Graduate Seminar in Human Nutrition2
FNDH 995Grant Writing3
FNDH 999Doctoral Research30

Specialization Core

CourseCourse NameCredit Hours
FNDH 844Nutritional Epidemiology3
 6 hours from the following: 
FNDH 735Advanced Energy Balance3
FNDH 800Nutrition Education and Communication3
FNDH 820Functional Foods for Chronic Disease Prevention3
FNDH 841Consumer Research - Fundamentals1
FNDH 911Advanced Nutrition Topics: Contemporary Issues1-3

Graduate Catalog Degree Requirements