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Sample Program of Study

CourseCourse NameCredit Hours
FNDH 832Practicum in Sensory Analysis6
FNDH 833Descriptive Sensory Analysis - Methods1
FNDH 841Consumer Research - Fundamentals1
FNDH 851Sensory Analysis Applications of Statistics2
FNDH 880Graduate Seminar in Human Nutrition1
FNDH 880Graduate Seminar in Human Nutrition1
FNDH 995Grant Writing & Publication3
STAT 722Experimental Design for Product Development and Quality Improvement3
STAT 730Multivariate Statistical Analysis3
STAT 870Analysis of Messy Data3
PSYCH 803Physiological Psychology3
MKTG 842Advanced Marketing Research3
FNDH 999Doctoral Research30
Total 60

*Assumes STAT 705 or their equivalent completed before beginning Ph.D.