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Dietetics Master's Degree Program

Application Deadlines and Procedures

Applications to graduate study for fall admission must be completed by March 1, and applications must be completed by October 1 for spring admission. Applications are reviewed when the following materials have been received:

  • Kansas State University Graduate School application indicating the desired entrance semester (this is an online application available on the K-State Graduate School website)
  • Transcripts from all college coursework (both undergraduate and graduate, if applicable) should be scanned into the graduate school application website. If you are admitted to the program, official copies of your transcripts must be submitted directly from the registrar's office of all previous institutions of higher education to the K-State Graduate School.
  • Letter of Intent/Statement of Objectives explaining why you are interested in our program, a summary of your academic and/or professional experience, your professional goals, and how completion of the degree is expected to enhance your professional practice. Discussion of your area of interest for your graduate study and whether you intend to pursue the thesis or non-thesis option should also be included
  • Three recommendation forms (pdf) and accompanying letters of reference. At least two of these forms/letters should be from individuals who can speak to your academic ability and readiness to complete graduate study. The other form/letter should be from someone who can speak to your professional competence as a dietitian and your level of practice such as a work supervisor or administrator
  • A copy of your resume which includes, in addition to the usual items, the following:
    • descriptions of projects for which you have provided leadership and achievement of project goals
    • description of offices (elected or appointed) and responsibilities in professional associations or organizations
    • other credentials held by the individual with a brief explanation of what had to be accomplished to achieve and/or maintain that credential