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Getting Started

Guatemala School Girls
Pre-schoolers in a mixture of native and western dress who attend a
pre-school program at the Mayan Families organization.

Here are the three things you need to do to start your experience:

  1. Our available options are 6 weeks and 12 week experiences. There is also opportunity for a 16 week internship with one of our Partners. If you are interested in other lengths of stay, please contact your advisor for more information.
  2. Enroll in our International Service Learning class, FNDH 499. This course is a general education course specific to this international travel experience hosted by FNDH and the OIP and is required before participating in the Guatemala Education Abroad program. Taking a pre-departure class will increase your knowledge and international cultural awareness. Our goal for this class is that you will receive pre-departure knowledge/training; engage in self-reflection about your assumptions and goals; and gain an increased sensitivity to a global perspective. The new academic course will be 0-3 credits (depending on availability of credits hours in your curriculum).
  3. Visit the K-State Education Abroad website and complete the "Before Your Program" Checklist (also review the During & After sites)