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Dr. Shawna Jordan
(785) 532-0151
119 Justin Hall 

Dr. Jordan received her B.S. and Ph.D. from Kansas State University and M.S. from the University of Kansas. She serves the Assistant Dean in the College of Health and Human Sciences as well as an Assistant Professor in the Athletic Training Degree program. As an alum of Kansas State University, she is able to provide great insight into the University and all that it has to offer undergraduate students.

Ms. Jennifer MacFadyen
(785) 532-0466
240 Justin Hall 

Ms. Jennifer MacFadyen received her M.S. degree from Kansas State University and worked as a graduate assistant in the K-State Athletic Department. She joins the Athletic Training Program as an instructor and advisor.

Dr. Phillip Vardiman
(785) 532-5568
210 Justin Hall 

Dr. Phill Vardiman serves as the program director for Kansas State University Athletic Training Program. He serves as an Associate Professor with extensive research background in working with the military population.