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Fair Practice Work Policy

Athletic Training students are not to serve in the capacity of a certified athletic trainer. Students are not to act in the capacity of managers or secretarial support staff. They are not to be asked or expected to perform duties that compromise their educational experience.

Once a student has successfully completed and been evaluated on an athletic training competency and/or clinical proficiency skill, he/she may begin to utilize these skills on a daily basis, under the supervision of the clinical instructor, during the field experience.

Students are allowed to hold part-time jobs provided they do not interfere with the clinical aspect of the program. Clinical education and field experiences take place primarily during the afternoons from approximately 1:30/2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. On occasion these may meet in the morning before courses are offered, depending on the practice schedules of the athletic teams that are included as part of the field experience. The program is very understanding that many students must obtain employment to make ends meet, but students must meet the requirements of the clinical courses.

Students are not paid for their participation in clinical and field experiences during the academic year. The non-payment of students in the program during the academic year is consistent with rulings from the Department of Labor.