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Health Care Policies

Students applying for admission to the Athletic Training Program must meet specific health care policies. One such policy is that students must show proof of good health. A copy of a health physical examination must be submitted with the Athletic Trainingapplication for admission. A licensed physician must perform the physical examination. Students are responsible for all costs related to the physical examination, and are to use the physical examination form provided in the student application packet.

Students must also meet the technical standards for admission to the education program. Specific demands of the Athletic Training Program are described in the technical standards for admission. The physician conducting the health physical is to ascertain from his/her examination whether the prospective student is able to meet the writtentechnical standards of the program.

Prospective students must also show proof of at least the first immunization injection of the hepatitis B virus immunization series. Students will be responsible for the cost of the immunizations. Copies of the hep B immunization form will be kept in the student's folder and may be found in the application packet.

In addition to the previously mentioned health care policies, students who have contracted a communicable illness are required to follow the guidelines established by Kansas Department of Health and Environment and Lafene Student Health Center at Kansas State University. A list of contracted communicable diseases and actions that are enforced can be found in theCommunicable Disease Policy for the Athletic Training Program.

Should a student become ill or injured during the academic year, professional medical services are available at Lafene Student Health Center located on campus. All students at Kansas State University have medical benefits at the campus health facility paid through student enrollment fees.

Lastly, all students enrolled in the Athletic Training Program practicums must show proof of the purchase of student malpractice and liability insurance. The cost is the responsibility of the student and is usually under $40 for annual coverage.

Communicable Disease Policy