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Application Procedures

The application process is the same as for the traditional M.S. degree except that completion of the B.S. degree is not required at the time of application.  Applicants must be enrolled in one of the undergraduate programs in the Department of Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health.

Required Application Materials

  • Unofficial transcripts (official transcripts will be required upon admission)
  • Three letters of professional reference from individuals who can speak to your potential success in a graduate program
  • A personal statement which should include:
    • the program for which you are applying and your sub discipline or area of professional/academic interest
    • the answer to the following question: Why is this the graduate program for you?
    • specific graduate faculty you would be interested in working with

Additional Information

  • As you are preparing and submitting your application materials, it is strongly recommended that you contact graduate faculty with whom you are interested in working with.
  • Questions or concerns can be directed toward the department's graduate student coordinator by emailing fndhgrad@k-state.edu.
  • Submit an online application to the Kansas State University Graduate School and pay the application fee. International students also need to complete the Affidavit of Financial Support and language competency exam scores as part of the application.
  • Once a completed application is received, applications are evaluated by the admissions committee. If the minimum requirements for admission are met, applications are reviewed by graduate faculty. A faculty member must agree to be an applicant's advisor before a recommendation can be made to the Graduate School that the applicant be admitted. The files of all applicants will be considered for institutional or departmental awards and graduate assistantships. Applications for admittance will be considered for fall and spring semesters, and the summer session.