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Career and Post Graduate Opportunities

Dietetics as a Profession

Registered dietitians (RDs) are professionals who translate the science of food and nutrition to enhance the well-being of individuals and groups. Many dietitians work in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and extended care facilities. Dietitians may also be found working in community health settings such as Women, Infants and Children (WIC) programs; food stamp programs; or feeding programs for the elderly. Because so many people eat meals away from home, dietitians also manage non-commercial and commercial foodservice operations where they apply nutrition knowledge and managerial skills in the delivery of meals to children and adults. Career opportunities also exist in diverse areas such as journalism; sports medicine; wellness programs for business and industry; and sales for food, foodservice equipment, or pharmaceutical companies. Dietitians work for food companies in research and development, as public information specialists for food commodity groups such as dairy, beef or pork councils, or as consultants in private practice serving rural hospitals and nursing homes. The broad range of opportunities for practice within dietetics provides RDs with maximum flexibility as they move through their professional careers.

Requirements for Becoming a Registered Dietitian

The Growing Need for Registered Dietitians

Penny McConnell, RD, MS, SNS, talks about the growing need for registered dietitian nutritionists, especially in schools, and how RDs in training can prepare to meet the need. Hear more from Penny by watching her Shugart lecture.