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Nutrition Minor (16-18 credits)

The Department of Food, Nutrition, Dietetics & Health (FNDH) is offering an undergraduate Nutrition minor, beginning Spring 2019. The purpose of the minor is to provide information to students seeking knowledge and training in nutrition, as a compliment to academic and professional goals.

Who should consider this minor?

  • Pre-health declared students
  • Public health career fields
  • Exercise science career pathways
  • Fitness and health/life coaching professions
  • Educators in the areas of nutrition and health
  • Food science majors

To Declare (beginning January 16, 2019) students will:

  • Visit the FNDH Department Office in Justin 212 or complete this Qualtrics survey.
  • Meet appropriate course pre-requisite requirements.

Nutrition Minor Flyer

Undergraduate Catalog Minor Requirements