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Student Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training

  1. Demonstrate proper injury/illness prevention, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and documentation strategies required of an athletic trainer.
  2. Demonstrate proper taping, wrapping and protective equipment application for the physically active population.
  3. Demonstrate proper application of therapeutic modalities and incorporation of such modalities in an effective rehabilitation program.
  4. Demonstrate effective management of general medical and psychosocial conditions related to the physically active population.
  5. Demonstrate proper immediate care and emergency management skills required of an athletic trainer.
  6. Identify important concepts related to athletic training administration used in professional practice.

Critical Thinking

  1. Recognize the importance of professionalism and ethical behavior in the field of athletic training and employ these characteristics during clinical practice.


  1. Recognize the components of effective communication with members of the sports medicine team (i.e., athlete/patient, coach, physician, parent, etc) and employ these characteristics during clinical practice.

Athletic Training Course Alignment Matrix