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Welcome to Book in a Bag

This program was created to encourage young children's interest in foods, nutrition and reading in the family or small group setting. Children learn about nutrition by having age-appropriate storybooks with food-related themes read to them, then participating in hands-on food and nutrition activities. Each lesson is centered around the food groups of MyPlate, family times or mealtimes and includes an activity, recipes and a Dear Parent letter. Children learn at an early age how to make healthy food choices while developing a love for reading.

All files are in PDF format.  Books can be purchased through Scholastic Paperback Collections (1-800-724-6527 or www.scholastic.com)

Build a Burrito by Denise Vega

In this English and Spanish counting book, readers build a mouth- watering burrito. One tortilla, two scoops of rice, three spoonfuls of beans and other healthy foods add up to ten to make a burrito.

Carlos and Clarice Mooove to Lowfat Milk! by Kathy Reeves, Mary Stickney & Diane Bowden

Carlos and Clarice Moove to Lowfat Milk! Is a 22-page children's book emphasizing the importance of drinking 1% lowfat and fat-free milk. The book is geared for preschoolers to 1st graders. To order books call Florida Department of Health Distribution Center at 850-414-8086.

Cook-A-Doodle Doo! by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel

Big Brown Rooster is sick of chicken feed. So along with his friends — Turtle, Iguana, and Potbellied Pig — he sets out to make the most magnificent strawberry shortcake in the whole wide world. But there's one problem: none of his friends knows how to cook! The team bravely forges ahead, and with Rooster's help, they learn how to measure flour (not with a ruler) and how to beat an egg (not with a baseball bat). But can they keep Pig from gobbling up all the ingredients?

Count on Pablo by Barbara deRubertis

Pablo is excited about helping his grandmother sell vegetables at the farmers' market. But no one comes to buy. Pablo's solution is clever--and delicious!

Eagle Series by Georgia Perez and Illustrated by Patrick Rolo and Lisa A. Fifield

The Eagle Book Series by Georgia Perez
Illustrated by Patrick Rolo and Lisa A. Fifield

The Eagle Books are a series of four books that are brought to life by wise animal characters. Mr. Eagle, Miss Rabbit and a clever trickster, Coyote, engage Rain That Dances and his young friends in the joy of physical activity, eating healthy foods and learning from their elders about traditional ways of being healthy.

  • This series is rated 2nd-3rd grade readability, although younger children will enjoy the stories and colorful pictures.
  • Ordering information at www.cdc.gov

Farmers' Market by Peggy Sissel-Phelan, Ed.D.

This easy to read picture book about the benefits of shopping at the Farmers' Market stresses the importance of variety, color and freshness of foods. With so much to see and taste, a visit to the farmers' market is healthy and fun for all ages.

Feast for Ten by Cathryn Falwell

A counting book that features a family shopping for food, preparing dinner and sitting down to eat. A joyful celebration of culture, family and food.

Germs! Germs! Germs! by Bobi Katz

Germs describe in rhyme how they attack the body to cause illness and how careful people can make life difficult for germs.

Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae and Illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees

The annual "Jungle Dance" was approaching, and Gerald the Giraffe could not dance! All the animals were busily preparing their dance for this special night. Children will enjoy learning about different types of dance, and how each individual can dance in his/her own way. "Giraffes Can't Dance," will help kids find their own groove and enjoy physical activity.

Music Files
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Handa's Surprise by Eileen Brown

Handa's walk takes her past a variety of animals that think the fruit in her basket looks very inviting. Who is most surprised?

How Did That Get in My Lunchbox? The Story of Food by Chris Butterworth and Lucia Gaggiotti

This story tells us how the food we eat traveled from the field to our local grocer. The story shares how milk is made into cheese, how apples become juice, how wheat becomes bread, and how carrots are grown and harvested. The story illustrates steps used to produce some of the common foods. This behind-the-scenes look shows children that much more goes into getting our food for lunch than meets the eye!

Ice Cream Bear by Jez Alborough

Bear is thrilled to discover it is snowing ice cream! Although he awakes to find it was only a dream, he enjoys his favorite snack of ice cream.

Joey Panda and His Food Allergy Save the Day by Amishi S. Murthy, MD and Vivian Chou, MD.  Illustrated by Joseph Cannon

Joey Panda has multiple food allergies (peanut, tree nut, milk, soy, egg, wheat, fish, and shellfish) and is nervous about his first day of school. How will he stay safe?

Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes

This award winning book is a suspenseful adventure about Kitten who sees her first full moon and thinks it is a bowl of milk and tries to get at it. Children enjoy following the adventures with "poor Kitten." 

Let's Eat by Ana Zamorano

Mama prepares a daily mid-afternoon meal for the family. Grandparents, parents and children all join in to share stories as well as wonderful food.

More Spaghetti, I Say! by Rita Golden Gelman

In this easy-to-read, rhyming story, the two monkeys - Minnie and Freddy - are so hungry for spaghetti that they can't stop eating!

Oh, the Things You Can Do That Are Good for You! by Tish Rabe

The Cat in the Hat™ is leaving for the Feeling Great Clinic in far-off Fadoo. Through fun rhymes Dr. Seuss made famous, the story of learning to stay healthy unfolds. The important tasks of eating healthy, washing hands, getting plenty of sleep and brushing teeth are highlighted in the kid-friendly, far-out book.

Picking Apples and Pumpkins by Amy and Richard Hutchings

Follow along with Kristy and her family as they take an old-fashioned hayride and pick their favorite apples in the orchard and find pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin, Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington

Jamie planted a pumpkin seed and watched it grow and grow. The book follows the life of a pumpkin plant and shares Jamie's excitement as harvest nears. Carving the pumpkin and saving seeds for next year are part of the plan.

The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins

Sam and Victoria are getting ready to enjoy cookies when the doorbell rings. As more and more friends arrive, the cookies are divided. When more friends have gathered than there are cookies, Grandma rings the bell and saves the day!

The Enormous Potato by Aubrey Davis

The farmer needs help harvesting his enormous potato and asks for help. In the end it is the mouse's help that pulls the super spud from the ground. The entire town enjoys the feast.

The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) by Philemon Sturges

The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) retold by Philemon Sturges is a version of a familiar folktale. The Little Red Hen decided to make a pizza but finds herself without a pizza pan and the necessary ingredients. As in the original version, duck, dog and cat are unwilling to help with the work but are very willing to eat the pizza! The end of the story has a special twist with it comes to cleaning up.

The Lunch Box Surprise by Grace Maccarone

It's lunch time and all the children are excited about the great lunch they brought. But Sam has an empty lunch box, and he is very sad and hungry. His friends come to his rescue.

The Popcorn Book by Tomie de Paola

Fascinating facts about popcorn, plus legends, stories and two basic recipes. Multicultural and fun. 

The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman

This delightful, rhyming story takes us through the hilarious habits of the seven Peters children, picky eaters all!

The Vegetables We Eat by Gail Gibbons

Vegetables come in many colors, shapes and sizes. We enjoy eating many parts of vegetables. Learn more about how vegetables are grown in containers, home gardens and commercial gardens. Discover how vegetables reach the local market and your plate!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar tells the charming story of a caterpillar who (literally) eats his way through the book and all of the food items he can find. Small children love the amazing artwork and the humorous way Eric Carle tells his tale.

The Whole Grain Choo-choo Train! by Kathy Reeves, Mary Stickney & Diane Bowden

The Whole Grain Choo-Choo Train is a 33-page children’s book emphasizing the importance of eating whole grains. The book is geared to preschoolers to 1st graders.

Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto

A warm story about a girl who tries to eat herself out of trouble when she loses her mother's diamond ring in the tamale batter.

Tops & Bottoms adapted and illustrated by Janet Stevens

Children will:  identify how vegetables grow in the garden; discuss the importance of eating a variety of foods; explore, taste and talk about vegetables that are used in Busy Hare's Bear Tracks.

We're Making Breakfast for Mother by Shirley Neitzel

Mother's family is surprising her with breakfast in bed. Through delicious rhymes, the reader builds the wonderful breakfast. After the "feast", see where the family goes for a hike.

We Eat Dinner in the Bathtub by Angela Shelf Medearis

Two friends discuss where their families eat dinner. They discover that it may not always be the dining room.

Why Should I Eat Well? by Claire Llewellyn and illustrated by Mike Gordon

Why Should I Eat Well is a fun book that talks about the importance of a healthy diet. From an early age, children make choices about the food they eat. With amusing pictures and simple text, this book shows the importance of eating sensibly and explains the meaning of a balanced diet. Monica finds out that good food choices do taste good! 

Yoko by Rosemary Wells

The first graders in Mrs. Jenkins's room make fun of the strange foods that fill Yoko's lunchbox. An international Food Day fails to entice everyone to try Yoko's deluxe lunch, until Timothy samples the Japanese treats, setting the stage for others to join in.

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