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International Opportunities

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Trips

The Department of Hospitality Management provides international study opportunities for students. Faculty has led study trips to Korea (2011 and 2013), France (2013), Costa Rica (2014) and Ireland (2015).  To encourage students to participate in these international experiences, the department provides scholarships ($300-$500) to help offset the cost. Scholarships are also available from the College of Health and Human Sciences.

International Culinary Workshop

The department also hosts an annual culinary workshop that focuses on cultures and cuisines around the world. This workshop allows students to interact with a chef, learn about a new cuisine and have a hands-on experience preparing food. Previous chefs and cuisines include:

2015Chef Paula McIntyreA Taste of Ireland
2014Chef Allan OrtizCuisine of Costa Rica
2013Chef Molly StevensAll-American Flavor
2012Chef Taji MarieAuthentic Flavors from the Regions of Mexico
2011Chef Jet TilaA Taste of Asia: Thai, Chinese, Japanese
2010Chef Jane ButelFlavors of the Sizzlin' Southwest
2009Chef Evan KlemanA World of Flavors
2008Chef Taji MarieFlavors of Latin America