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Department of Hospitality Management
Kansas State University
152 Justin Hall
1324 Lovers Lane
Manhattan, KS 66506-1404

785-532-5522 fax

Graduate Program Courses for the Department of Hospitality Management

A student's program of study for the graduate work in hospitality management is planned by a supervisory committee in conference with the student. Coursework is chosen in both the major and supporting areas to meet the specific professional and research interests of the student. Courses typically included in the graduate program are selected from the following list of courses. Other courses may be accepted based on discussion and agreements with the supervisory committee.

Major Courses

  • HM 621 Hospitality Law 
  • HM 624 Procurement in the Hospitality Industry
  • HM 640 Entrepreneurship in Hospitality Management
  • HM 662 Foodservice Systems Management
  • HM 663 Convention, Meeting and Event Management Systems
  • HM 664 Lodging Management Theory
  • HM 705 Information Technology Systems in Hospitality Operations
  • HM 710 Readings in Hospitality Management
  • HM 785 Practicum in Hospitality Management
  • HM 805 Advanced Foodservice Management
  • HM 810 Research Techniques in Hospitality Management
  • HM 815 Advanced Lodging Management
  • HM 820 Problems in Hospitality Management
  • HM 825 Advanced Meetings and Business Event Management
  • HM 835 Survey of Research in Hospitality Management
  • HM 885 Seminar in Hospitality Administration
  • HM 890 Administration of Hospitality Organizations
  • HM 895 Financial Management and Cost Controls for the Hospitality Industry
  • HM 899 Research in Hospitality Administration
  • HM 905 Advanced Hospitality Strategic Management
  • HM 975 Research and Applied Theories in Hospitality Management
  • HM 980 Higher Education in Hospitality Management
  • HM 985 Advances in Hospitality Management
  • HM 990 Dissertation Proposal Seminar
  • HM 993 Teaching Practicum in Hospitality Management
  • HM 995 Grantsmanship and Publication
  • HM 999 Research in Hospitality Administration