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Scholarships and Assistantships

The Department of Hospitality Management offers several assistantships: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant, and Graduate Assistant. Duties and responsibilities for these positions vary depending on the assignment and source of funding.

  • Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) are assigned to assist faculty in course preparation, teaching, and grading. In some instances, doctoral students may serve as the instructor of record but work under the supervision of a senior faculty member.
  • Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) are part of a research team and are primarily funded by outside agencies/organizations. The roles of GRAs vary depending on the goals of the research project. GRAs work directly with the principal investigator of the research project.
  • Graduate Assistants (GAs) are generally managed through the Department of Housing and Dining Services that offers graduate assistantships for select students to work in part‐time management positions in the residence hall foodservices.

Students on assistantship are expected to work 20 hours per week and must be enrolled at K-State during the semesters they are salaried. Tuition assistance for students appointed as graduate assistants will depend on the nature of the appointment and funding availability.

A student on assistantship must abide by the following criteria:

  • Fall and Spring semesters – Students may enroll in a maximum of 12 credit hours and a minimum 6 credit hours.
  • Summer semester – Student may enroll in a maximum of 6 credit hours and a minimum of 3 credit hours.
  • Students must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA for both graduate and undergraduate courses.

Students may apply for an assistantship by uploading the completed application form below and also available on the online graduate application system (CollegeNet). Students may indicate their preferences for an assistantship in the letter of application to the graduate program form and also state in the application letter. Review of assistantship applications begins January 15th of each year for fall admission and as needed for spring admission.

Graduate Assistantship Application Form