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Students in the department of Interior Design and Fashion Studies experience close relationships with faculty, one-on-one advising, frequent exposure to professionals and opportunities for mentoring and shadowing. Our students are prepared to meet the present and future challenges in their fields throughout their careers. We are committed to enhancing human wellbeing through research and education in the disciplines of fashion and interior design.

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Picture of interior with interesting linesTop 10 Interior Design program
in the United States
Model on runwayTop 20 Apparel Marketing specialization in the United States
Blue material and clothingTop 25 Apparel Design and Production specialization in the United States


The Department of Interior Design and Fashion Studies improves human wellbeing through education, scholarship, service, engagement and outreach in the disciplines we represent.


The Department of Interior Design and Fashion Studies aspires to change the world through a focus on the human ecological framework in our teaching, scholarship, service, engagement and outreach. We believe the human ecological framework drives us toward a shared concern for sustainability. We hope that through our teaching and scholarship we will improve the human condition and be part of the solution to the social and ecological problems we face. Our educational goal is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to live and work in diverse societies, improving the lives of individuals throughout the world. We value the potential of our students and commit our effort to enhancing their lives and the quality of all human life.


Department of Interior Design and Fashion Studies to cancel in-person activities for the 16th annual Student Symposium

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

In line with CDC recommendations and Kansas State University guidelines we will have to cancel the in-person aspect of our IDFS Symposium. The events on April 17, including the Fashion Special Topics Sessions, Interior Design Master Classes, and ID Professional Panel will be conducted through teleconferencing and you are invited to participate from your locations.  These […]

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