2021 Symposium

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On Thursday, April 22, 2021 the IDFS Student Symposium opened with the 8th Annual IDFS Showcase of Excellence. This event included a website gallery and digital fashion show featuring work from K-State students. In response to the symposium theme, "Our Legacy - Empowerment," awards were granted in the following categories: Inspired by Janet Rees (pdf), Fashion Studies students and Interior Design Students. Visit the Awards webpage on the IDFS Showcase of Excellence website for a list of awards and scholarship recipeints.

On Friday, April 23, 2021 the IDFS Student Symposium continued with many activities including professional panels, master classes, a prospective student event, and a town hall for students, professionals and alumni. Students interacted with advisory board members and professionals from the interior design program and the fashion studies program.

This event was a great opportunity for current and prospective students to meet alumni, professionals and faculty within in the fashion industry and interior design profession. It provided students the opportunity to express their creativity and highlight their work at a prestigious, annual event.

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IDFS Showcase of Excellence website and gallery

Awards and Scholarship recipeints

Fashion Studies event recordings

Fashion Studies Alumni Panel

Fashion Professional Panel: Navigating a Career in the Dynamic World of Retailing

Fashion Studies Prospective Student Informational Session

Interior Design event recordings

ID Professional Panel

ID Town Hall

Beginner: How to find a Job/Internship during a Pandemic - Making a Virtual Connection/Presentation that has Impact

Intermediate: Mistakes make it Real

Advanced: What is this cookie even made of? – Healthy material choices good enough to eat!

Beginner: Networking and Building Career-Long Relationships

Intermediate: Workplace Dynamics and the Different Cultures of Design Practice

Advanced: Demystifying Virtual and Augmented Reality

Beginner: How to find your Interior Design Internship

Intermediate: Specifying Furniture – Getting the Details Right (Video Unavailable)

Advanced: How to Work in a Multi-Disciplinary Team