Rebecca Hands-Neidig

Blue Fox BoutiqueRebecca Hands-Neidig

R ebecca Hands- Neidig is from Garden City, KS wher e she graduated from Garden City High School in 2008. Rebecca’s passion for the apparel industry stemmed from her high school experience in Apparel and Design. After high school, Rebecca decided to attend Kansas State University where , in 2012, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Apparel and Textiles. Within those years Rebecca had several different experiences that helped make her Boutique into what it is today. One of the things in particular stood out in helping mold Rebecca’s “craft”, and that was her inte rnship experience at a Showroom in New York City.

Rebecca’s first job experience out of college came at a local boutique in Garden City where she worked part time. She also served as the Buckles Assistant Manager where she gained loads of hands on experience. The Buckle job is what eventually led her to the conclusion that she would open up her own boutique. S he felt that the more personal boutique setting is exactly what fit her personality. After nearly 3.5 years of having the doors open at Blue Fox Boutique, Rebecca has built up a very strong business. Blue Fox Boutique has a wide array of customers fr om numerous states that range from all ages.

Rebecca and her staff at Blue Fox have also received several local awards within the last two years at ”Garden City’s Best of The Best” awards night where they won; 2017’s Best Women’s Clo thing Store, 2018 Best Women’s C lothing Store, Boutique of The Year, Best Customer Service.

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