Gwen Bonnichsen

Gwen BonnichsenHuckabee
Interior Designer

Gwen is a creative, detail-oriented, licensed interior designer that believes each design tells a unique story and should be a direct reflection of the client, their goals and aspirations. After graduating from Kansas State University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design she worked for a firm doing construction documents, but it was her passion for healthcare design that brought her to Huckabee. She has always loved the idea of being able to help people and feels that this can be achieved by designing spaces that have a direct impact on patient recovery, efficiency for clinicians and a positive experience for the patient’s family.

Prior to getting an interior design degree Gwen received a degree in Advertising from the University of Idaho in 1994. She has spent over 27 years moving around the world due to military relocations. It is all these moves and traveling that contributes to Gwen’s passion for designing spaces that are not only functional but also inspiring.

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