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Laptop Requirements for Resident Students

2018-2019 Academic Year

Upon arrival at K-State, Apparel and Textile resident graduate students are required to have their own laptop computer that meets or exceeds required minimum specifications. 

Dell has an agreement with Kansas State University and we have made arrangements with Dell to set up bundles especially made for AT students. For both Dell and Apple computers, we recommend you take a look at the K-State Student Union Computer Store. They have some good bundles on Dell and Apple hardware and good prices on academic-licensed software for PC and Mac.

Minimum Requirements

K-State's recommendations for buying a new laptop apply with the following exceptions:

  • K-State antivirus software installed (not necessary to buy)
  • Mac: MUST install Apple’s BOOTCAMP for using dual booting system and installed Windows 7 Home Edition as an operation system (no fusion and parallels)

Recommended Laptop

  • OS: Windows 7 Home Edition (64Bit)
  • Intel ® Core i5 or faster
  • 500 GB, 7200 rpm hard drive or better
  • 512 MB graphics card or better
  • 8 GB memory minimum
  • Wireless and wired network support
  • DVD/RW capable optical drive
  • 15-inch or larger built-in display
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty recommended
  • External mouse with 2 buttons (optical mouse encouraged)

Required Applications

Inquire at the K-State Student Union Computer Store

  • Microsoft Office 365 University (Windows + Mac) - $79.95 for a 4-year subscription at the K-State Student Union Computer Store OR Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 (Windows + Mac) - $139.99 at any retail store
  • Other software may be required for certain courses, but should not be purchased until instructed to do so by the professor
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Design Standard - $239.00 annual subscription at any retail store

Required Accessory

  • 16 GB USB flash drive

Free Download Available Online

Do not download until the instructor requests you do so