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Application Requirements for Merchandising Specialization via Distance

The distance program is administered through Great Plains IDEA; however, students choose a home institution that will actually confer your degree upon successful completion of the program of study. The priority deadline for admission to the K-State master's in apparel and textiles program with a specialization in merchandising is March 1 for summer or fall entry and October 1 for spring entry into the program.

Kansas State University does not require the GRE for admission to the merchandising specialization. To be admitted to our master's degree program with a specialization in Merchandising, applications are reviewed by the IDFS graduate faculty. Students should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher during the last two years of the undergraduate degree. Students with a GPA of less than 3.0 may be admitted on probationary status, but only under careful consideration by faculty review.

Each Great Plains IDEA course has a maximum enrollment; those who have been admitted to a degree program at one of the participating universities will be given preference for space in the class.

Application Process

Applications to all graduate programs at K-State are processed through the University's Graduate School. Below is a listing of the forms you need to fill out and items you need to submit. Some items are specific to international students only.

  1. The K-State application form for admission to the Graduate School.
  2. Reference Form — Three people need to complete the appropriate form and send it directly to us:
  3. One official transcript (with institution's seal) sent directly from each university attended.
  4. A one-page Statement of Objectives where you state your reasons for pursuing a graduate degree, your career goals and the specific area in which you would like to study.
  5. Resume.
  6. Application Fee: $55 for international students or $40 for domestic students. Money order or cashier's check made payable to KSU Graduate School. Personal checks will not be accepted.

International Students Only

In addition to the above, please provide the following:

  1. TOEFL scores sent directly from testing agency. Minimums: 550 paper-based; 213 computer-based; or 79 internet-based. 
    • Applicants who are submitting a iBT TOEFL (internet based) scores must have a minimum total score of 79 with no part score below 20 on the reading, listening, and writing sections.
    • Applicants who are submitting a paper-based TOEFL (PBT) test scores must have a minimum total score of 550 with no part score below 55 on reading or listening sections and a TWE (Test of Written English) score of 5.0 or higher.
    • Applicants who are submitting an IELTS score must have a minimum total score of 6.5 with part scores of 6.5 of higher on the reading, listening, and writing sections.
    • Applications who are submitting a Pearson Test of English (PTE) score must have a minimum total score of 58 with part scores of 58 or higher.
  2.  Applicants who do not meet the scores specified above must meet the following criteria during the first semester of enrollment in order to satisfy the English proficiency requirement:
    • Applicants with one or two low part scores (14-19 IBT, 48-54 PBT, 5.0-6.4 IELTS, 47-57 PTE) must successfully complete one or more of the specified classes based on the section of the examination that is below the minimum (20 IBT; 55 on reading or listening sections and a TWE of less than 5.0 PBT; 6.5 IELTS; 58 PTE):
      • DAS 176 - Reading Skills
      • DAS 177 - Written Communication
      • DAS 178 - Listening Skills
  3. Waivers will not be approved.
  4. Affidavit of financial support form (pdf). If a certificate of deposit is submitted, the amount of funds must be shown in U.S. dollars. The document must be an original from the financial institution. Photocopies or fax copies cannot be accepted.
  5. Photocopy of passport page that has the person's name and photograph on it.
  6. Applicants who are applying for the distance education programs and who will not be enrolled on the Kansas State University Manhattan or Salina campuses, are required to meet all minimum score requirements listed above. Your will not be able to take an English Proficiency Test or enroll in English courses on campus.

How to Submit Materials

To submit materials please visit the Graduate School website and follow the instructions. Click here to get started. 


Gina Jackson, Administrative Specialist


International Applicants

  • January 8 for admission the following fall
  • August 1 for admission the following spring
  • December 1 for admission the following summer

Domestic Applicants

  • March 1 for admission the following summer or fall
  • October 1 for admission the following spring
  • Applications arriving after these dates will not be given priority status and may require a change of admission to the following semester

Review by Graduate Faculty

IDFS graduate faculty review applications as a group and decide to recommend admission. Applications will not be reviewed until they are complete. If admission is recommended, the application, transcripts and supporting materials are then sent to the K-State Graduate School for final review. In the event that the faculty decide against admission, the applicant is notified by letter.