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Culminating Experience

Kansas State University distance merchandising students are required to complete a culminating experience in the form of a written examination during their final fall or spring semester of enrollment. The culminating experience will take place according to the following schedule:

  • Fall graduates: First full week of November
  • Spring and summer graduates: First full week of April

During the first week of the student's final fall or spring semester, students must contact their major professor and K-State campus coordinator at gpideacc@k-state.edu notifying their intent to complete the culminating experience. The Campus Coordinator will submit an Approval to Schedule Final Exam form on the student's behalf. The Approval to Schedule Final Exam form must be on file with the Graduate School two weeks prior to the date of the exam. Missing this deadline may jeopardize the planned graduation date.

Students are responsible for contacting their major professor at least four weeks in advance of the exam to discuss any relevant and/or specific details. This timeline is strictly enforced. Exams typically consist of analyzing an assigned case study, report, or research paper and to respond to questions regarding the particular reading. Students should draw from the knowledge gained throughout their coursework and appropriate supporting materials. Sources of information must be referenced and cited according to APA style. The student has one week to complete the assigned culminating experience.

The faculty comprising the student's supervisory committee will have two weeks to review the exam responses. The student will be notified of the outcome shortly thereafter. Students who do not receive a passing grade will retake the exam the next semester according to the schedule. Kansas State University requires that students be enrolled during their final semester.