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Registration and Fees

Your Great Plains IDEA campus coordinator will send instructions and course registration materials for each course. Students enroll for all courses through their home institution, even when another participating university is teaching the course. This means students will have only one enrollment process to complete and one check to write. All coursework completed will immediately be recorded on your Kansas State University transcript. Financial aid may also be easier to secure. Registration is handled through the K-State Global Campus.

By agreement among the Great Plains IDEA institutions, a common price is charged for all courses. This eliminates the question of in-state and out-of-state tuition depending on where the student is located and/or at which university the student is enrolled. For more specific tuition information, see "Student Costs" on the Great Plains IDEA website.

This includes all instruction and examinations. Books and other course materials are not included. Participation in alliance programs requires that students be admitted to one of the partner universities. Each university has an application fee. No other course fees are assessed.