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IDFS Showcase of Excellence

APRIL 22, 2021

The IDFS Showcase of Excellence will be held via Zoom Teleconference.

Course Application Form
FASH450: Showcase of Excellence Event Planning
Spring 2021, 3 credits, T U 4:05-5:20

Dr. Sherry Haar and Dr. Kelsie Doty

Course Description and Information
Planning, promotion, and production of a digital fashion show and digital exhibit of student work representing excellence in the program.

The Showcase of Excellence on April 23, 2021, kicks-off the annual IDFS Symposium. All events will be online for 2021. Students enrolled in FASH450 are responsible for the planning, management, execution, and online delivery of the show and exhibit.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the history of fashion events and social, economic, and cultural impacts.
  • Learn video and audio recording and film editing.
  • Produce digital content for the Showcase of Excellence.
  • Generate branded content using film, photo, and graphic design to promote the Showcase of Excellence.
  • Demonstrate time management, leadership, and teamwork in a semester-long produced event.

Students complete the digital Showcase Course Application Form by midnight MONDAY, NOV. 2, 2020.

Selection of students, by faculty, is based upon 1) the balance between team needs and student interest, experience, and skill sets, 2) a balance of graduating and returning students, and 3) demonstrated accountability and professionalism in prior department interactions. Students will be informed of enrollment decisions by Nov. 17, 2020.

Please refer to the Symposium webpage or e-mail Hannah Schuh for event revisions and updates.