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Employment Prospects

There are a variety of career paths available for our graduates depending on the specialization they choose. Students have the opportunity for employment in numerous fields throughout the United States and internationally. While the primary hubs for the fashion industry remain in larger coastal cities such as New York and Los Angeles, there are many positions in the industry located in various regions throughout the country. In addition to the primary coastal markets, corporate retailers have established their headquarters and regional offices in various mid-sized markets throughout the United States including Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Columbus, Kansas City, Miami, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle. Graduates interested in retail management or small business operations can find a position in the city of their choice. The opportunities for location preferences are endless.

Career opportunities for fashion design graduates include assistant/associate designer or technical designer positions, CAD (Computer Aided Design) artists, patternmakers, quality assurance technicians and product developers.

Career opportunities for fashion business graduates include general marketing/advertising/public relations positions in the apparel and textiles industry, retail managers, small business owners, trend forecasters, merchandisers, buyers, stylists, fashion coordinators and fashion journalists.

The starting salaries for new graduates varies dependent upon the career path chosen and the amount of previous experience the graduate brings to the position.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks salaries for 800 occupations in 400 industries. Please visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website for information on salaries in the industry.