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Employment Prospects

An indicator of the quality of the interior design undergraduate program at Kansas State University is the employment opportunities available to students immediately upon graduation. Our students complete interior design internships with top architectural design firms from coast to coast. Recently, our students have interned with firms such as Perkins+Will Denver and Dallas; Gensler, NYC; G70 Architecture, Honolulu; Textron Aviation, Wichita; Hoefer Wysocki Architects, Kansas City; BRR Architecture, Kansas City; and StudioSix5, Austin.

The feedback we receive from employers at the completion of student internships is highly complimentary and confirms for us that our curriculum is preparing our graduates for entry-level positions. Employers frequently note the high level of professionalism and aptitude demonstrated by our students and graduates. Our graduates often comment on how well-prepared they realize they are once they start their careers and recognize the strength of their preparedness and the unique contributions they are able to bring to the multi-disciplinary workplace. You can be confident that your efforts in our program will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the multi-disciplinary design profession of which the interior design is a part.

The starting salaries for new graduates varies dependent upon the career path chosen, location and the depth of the qualifications the graduate brings to the position.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks salaries for 800 occupations in 400 industries. Please visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website for information on salaries in the design professions.