Physical Activity Guide for Manhattan

The Little Apple's Guide to Physical Activity

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The Little Apple’s Guide to Physical Activity has been developed to provide an all-in-one resource guide for the numerous physical activity opportunities in Manhattan, KS. In this Guide, we have provided the pertinent information for you to locate activities of interest in which you will be able to enjoy participating in daily physical activity.

We encourage you to set a goal to meet the physical activity guidelines for your age. Meeting these recommendations can provide numerous health benefits including decreased risk of certain diseases, increased stamina and energy, decreased stress, and increased mood.

Our goal is to increase the health and wellness of residents of Manhattan, KS, and this starts with you. The Little Apple’s Guide to Physical Activity provides an opportunity for you to be aware of and take advantage of the numerous physical activity opportunities available in the city.

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The Little Apple’s Guide to Physical Activity provides a complete resource of available places for the public to participate in physical activity within the city limits of Manhattan, Kansas. The Guide provides a single resource of opportunities to increase your physical activity. The Guide promotes awareness of the benefits of being physically active on a daily basis; however, is not intended as an exercise prescription. It is essential that individuals seek medical clearance prior to participating in any exercise program or event.

Goals of this Guide

  • Increase knowledge about physical activity, including how much is needed to improve and maintain good health and quality of life.
  • Provide information, in an easy format, on places to be physically active as well as teams and leagues relevant to all ages.
  • Provide information on a wide variety of physical activities that you and others will enjoy.
  • Provide contact information and maps where activities take place.
  • Increase physical activity opportunities for you and all community members in Manhattan, KS.

The first wealth is health” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Guide Contents:

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Compiled By: Aaron Boyd, Ryan Broxterman, Dai Un Choi, Michael DeDonder, Gina Ortiz, Pratik Patel, Julie Pickler, Daniel Sigley, Katy Vaughan, Tyler Wiegert
Updated By: Joey Lightner, Tanner McNamara, Patrick Steele
Professor: Katie Heinrich, Ph.D.
Kansas State University