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Department of Kinesiology
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Concurrent M.S./B.S. in Kinesiology

Program Guidelines and Formats:

A maximum of 9 credit hours will count toward both the B.S. and M.S. degrees. These may include any 600 level and above courses as approved by the student’s advisory committee. For the M.S. degree, students must complete 24 hours (thesis option) or 36 hours (coursework option) of course work (which includes the 9 hours described above). In addition, for the thesis option, the student must do research leading to a satisfactory thesis.

Additional conditions include:

  •     The student must complete 30 (thesis) or 36 (coursework) graduate credit hours with a graduate GPA of at least 3.0.
  •     The student must complete all B.S. KIN undergraduate requirements with the exception that up to 9 credit hours taken for graduate credit can also count toward his/her undergraduate degree requirements. These 9 credits must be declared by email to the Graduate Program Coordinator before the semester of graduation of your undergraduate program, and before requesting a graduation check for the BS degree.
  •     At least 18 of the graduate credit hours on the Graduate Program of Study must be in classes at the 700 level or above.
  •     Graduate courses in the KIN Department must be at or above the 600 level.
  •     Graduate courses outside the department must be at or above the 500 level.
  •     A student pursuing a thesis format must complete at least 6 credit hours of Masters Thesis (KIN 899).

In the first semester after acceptance into the concurrent degree program, the student will select a major professor from the membership of the Graduate Faculty in Kinesiology. The student will work closely with the major professor to form a supervisory committee and file a program of study by the end of the second semester of the junior year. The undergraduate advisor will advise the student in academic progress toward the B.S. degree, and the major professor will supervise the student's academic progress, and research project for the thesis option, for the M.S. degree. Research toward the M.S. thesis should typically begin during the junior year.

The format for these programs are as follows:

KIN 815 Research Methods33
Statistics course (STAT 703)33
Other Courses and Electives1830


*Actual degree requirements will be summarized on an approved plan of study

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