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All memberships include open gym.  Check your expiration date here: Member portal access

 One PriceCollege StudentNon-Student
Elements $21.00$42.00
2 classes per week $55.00/Month$78.00/Month
3 classes per week Not Available$100.00
Unlimited classes $87.00/Month$109.20/Month
3 month discount (Unlimited classes) $225.00$290.00
6 month discount (Unlimited classes) $440.00$572.00
12 month discount (Unlimited classes) $863.00$1125.00
Functional Fitness Mobility (FFM) 2x/Week$52.00  
Personal Training (10 - 1hr sessions for 1-2 people)   
with Level 1 Trainer$500.00  
with Level 2 Trainer$520.00  
with Level 3 Trainer$555.00  
with Level 4 Coach$585.00  
Youth/Teen Classes 2 days per week$52.00/Month  
Teen's Class 3x/Week$78.00/Month  
Youth Team Conditioning$189.28/Month  
Youth Camp (summer only, 2 months)$196.56  
Rx Checklist Challenge$15.60  
CrossFit Day Pass$15.00  

 Check your expiration date here: Member portal access