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MS Program

Approved xx/xx/2018


I.  MS degree program

    A.  Coursework option - Final Examination



The final exam will consist of five sections:

  • Four (4) sections, one hour each, based on coursework performed as part of the Program of Study.  These four topics are up to the student to select, with approval from the instructor.
  • Research Methods, one hour.
  • Each section will consist of one or more essay questions determined by the instructor of that section topic
  • Thus, the Supervisory Committee will consist of 4-5 of the section instructors.
  • Each section will be graded on a 0-100 point scale.  A cumulative score of at least 375 (75% out of 500 points) will constitute successful passage of the examination.


  1.  Decide which 4 courses besides Research Methods you want to be tested over (typically courses you've done well in).
  2. Visit with those instructors to confirm their willingness to serve on your committee.  These must be PhD faculty/instructors.  At this time, confirm with them what section(s) of the selected course they will test you over.
  3. Get their signatures, along with that of the Research Methods instructor, on your Program of Study.  Then get signature of Graduate Program Coordinator or Department Head, and turn the form in ASAP to the Graduate School (at least 2 weeks before step 4.c below). The Program of Study can be found at the Grad School website


  1. Decide with the 5 committee members on a date for the examination.  Considerations include:
    1. Find out the last date that the ballot must be turned in for graduation in the semester you plan to graduate. Available at the Graduate School website.
    2. It is highly recommended to take the exam at least one week prior to that last date, in case you need to retake one or more portions of the exam.
    3. Set the date and get signatures from your committee members on the form Approval to Schedule Final Examination, found at the Grad School website, and turn in at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date:




B.  Thesis

            See Chapter 2.I Theses, and Appendix C  [LINK]