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PhD Degree Program

Approved xx/xx/2018


    A.  Supervisory Committee

            1.  Selected by the student and major professor

2. Consists of at least 4 eminently qualified scholars

a. major professor, who is certified and chairs the committee

b. at least three other members of the graduate faculty

1.  At least two are graduate faculty in Kinesiology.

2.  One member must be a graduate faculty member outside the major professor's department.


B.  Preliminary Examination


The preliminary exam will consist of two parts, written and oral.

1.  Written component

            a. Either write a grant application as approved by the committee or

b. provide evidence that an equivalent writing task has been done previously. 

c. May also include written assignments as deemed fit by the committee members. 

2.  Oral component

a. a brief presentation of work accomplished and to be accomplished under tenure as a candidate

b. examination on topics selected by the committee members.


Ideally, the preliminary examination is to be taken by the end of the second year in the doctoral program.


    B.  Dissertation (see also Appendix C)


The dissertation shall include

1.  Introductory and summary chapters

2.  Typically a minimum of 3 studies, each of which has been or will be published in the pertinent peer-reviewed literature.


The dissertation will be publically defended before the doctoral committee, Graduate School-appointed Chair and the general public.


    C.  Additional Experiences

1.  Made oral and/or poster scientific presentations at national/international meetings.

2.  Demonstrated teaching ability in 300- or 600-level courses with accompanying TEVALS.


Exceptions to the above may be granted with approval by the supervisory committee.