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Graduate Faculty


A.  Graduate Faculty status – All new faculty with a terminal degree (PhD) should apply during their first semester for Graduate Faculty status.  This allows the faculty member to direct MS students and serve on MS thesis and PhD dissertation committees


B.  PhD Certification - Certification allows the faculty member to serve as major professor for a doctoral student. Graduate School guidelines include, "appropriate evidence of their ability to conduct high quality graduate training at the doctoral level," and "a statement from the applicant describing professional activities that show creativity, command of the subject, and scholarship."  Given these expectations from the Graduate School, the Department of Kinesiology has the following criteria:


            1. Serve as committee member on at least one dissertation committee, and/or successful mentoring of two MS students to completion of their degree program.


            2.  Evidence of an active research program, which would include peer-reviewed publications and presentations (including student presentations) at regional and national meetings in the last 5 years.