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General MS Program Requirements

The M.S. degree in kinesiology requires a minimum of 30 hours for students completing a master's thesis option and 36 hours for students completing a course work option. The specific program of study, designed by the student and supervisory committee, is tailored to meet the individual needs and interests of the student. A maximum of 12 hours of supporting work in other departments may be applied toward the degree. All students are expected to demonstrate a depth and breadth of understanding of kinesiology in a written and/or oral final evaluation. 

The final evaluation for the thesis option is a public defense of the thesis project and submission of the thesis to the Graduate School. For the coursework option the final evaluation is a multiple topic essay examination based on research methods and four general topics derived from the coursework the student has completed as part of their MS curriculum.

The format for this program is as follows:

KIN 815 Research Methods33
Statistics course (STAT 703)33
Other Courses and Electives1830


Guidelines for Courses and Electives include:

  •     The student must complete 30 (thesis) or 36 (coursework) graduate credit hours with a graduate GPA of at least 3.0.
  •     At least 18 of the graduate credit hours on the Graduate Program of Study must be in classes at the 700 level or above.
  •     Graduate courses in the KIN Department must be at or above the 600 level.
  •     Graduate courses outside the department must be at or above the 500 level.
  •     A student pursuing a thesis format must complete at least 6 credit hours of Masters Thesis (KIN 899).


*Actual degree requirements will be summarized on an approved plan of study


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